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When should I book my maternity session?

We suggest contacting us as soon as you know your due date we tend to book 2-3 months out especially if you are needing a weekend day. We can then decide on a time that is best for your photos. We like to schedule your maternity session around the time you are six to eight months along. This way, you are far enough along to show off your baby bump, but not to the point where you are going to be miserable in your photos. I always tell moms to gauge their gorgeous baby belly I have some moms who show enough to take photos at 26 weeks and I have had others who wait until 35 weeks. You know your body BEST!

As you go along your pregnancy, things may change with your due date, or you may start showing sooner and want to do them earlier. Just contact us and we can discuss this and help you find a new date.

If you’d like to add on a gender reveal session, we typically do those photos shortly after your 16 to 20 week ultrasound when the baby’s gender is discovered.

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