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Where does the time go?

I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since I took this picture. (big sigh). William was a little over a month old and I just couldn't resist covering him in all those kisses for a little Valentines Day shoot.

Isn't it AMAZING how fast these kiddos grow. I know most of my clients are probably in the same boat you feel like time is flying by, you find yourself saying "it was only yesterday that I was holding him and counting his tiny fingers and toes". Now my little guy is walking, climbing, and doesn't want mommy holding him or giving him kisses (unless of course he wants or needs something from me). My mom tells me I was the exact same way (and chuckles).

I have all these new parents come into the studio week after and week and its weird to think that I was them a year ago. The biggest advice I can give to any new parent is CAPTURE THESE MOMENTS! Of course everyone thinks because I am a photographer I must have digitally chronicled every moment of Williams life with my "big camera", in the beginning I tried but honestly I feel like I missed A LOT his first year. Don't get me wrong we have all kinds of iphone photos but I didn't bust out my camera for every single holiday or BIG moment. I didn't even get the iconic picture in front of our Christmas Tree this year, for Williams 1st Christmas (#momfail).

Ok enough of all that (I feel like that was getting entirely to sad & sappy), it doesn't matter HOW you capture the moments just make sure you are there to CAPTURE them! I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentines Day with your family or your significant other.

Until Next Time,


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