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What to Wear for Your Newborn Session

We always get asked what is the best thing to wear for your newborn session! At Kat E Photography we have 2 different looks that we can go with for family photos; usually if siblings are involved I like to go light and bright for family photos but if its just mom and dad and you want a more elegant look a lot of times we will plan for a black backdrop.

I shoot in an all white studio with white wood floors and a white brick wall, I also LOVE to incorporate a white backlit background into photos. I will give examples of all these below and put pictures of what to wear with each!


If we do a white backlit background I definitely like lighter colors; creams, white, blush, light blue, grays. Here is a few examples of these colors together. You can also go HERE and see a PINTEREST BOARD with some of my favorite color schemes!

For parents who want a more formal and elegant look I think that a black background is always perfect and I always like mom and dad to wear black tops also that way baby really stands out and we really get the your hands holding baby. Here is a great example of this look.


I LOVE getting to capture siblings with their new brother or sister! I love little boys in blue jeans and no shirt, how adorable are these 2 big brothers?!?!

Sisters are a little tougher but you can never go wrong with white or cream. Wrangling toddlers can be rough when trying to

change clothes so I always recommend bring a pair of pants for the bottom half and I can always wrap a little wrap around their top like this!

Older siblings are a little easier to dress and usually are really excited to take photos with the new addition! Check out this excited sister and her gorgeous white dress it looked great in photos!

I am always here to help with any wardrobe questions you may have! I know that having a new little one can make you feel frazzled so I can take the guess work out of everything! I also have a few pieces in my wardrobe closet that we can easily throw over a tank or shirt to give you a quick different look!

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