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And the gender is........

I'm going to be REAL with yall here. So I found out about two weeks ago that we were having another little boy! I'm not going to lie I cried for a whole day straight because I really thought that this one was a girl. I've been hella sick with this pregnancy (I only thought I was sick the first time around) this is a whole new ball game, and of course everyone always says you are sicker with girls so of course I was definitely having a girl in my mind. Back to the whole crying for a whole day.....I cried all the way home after I got the phone call, then proceeded to cry to my husband the rest of the day. Now we aren't talking just a few tears, I'm talking deep can't quit once you start almost on the verge of hyperventilation crying. Now that yall have that gorgeous picture of what a mess I was in your mind, I can tell you that I am much better and have come to terms....IT'S A BOY! Before you say wellll are you 100% sure, we did the blood test which is a 98% absolute test but if this little one pops out a girl we will be just as surprised as all of you.

Yes, I will be a boy mom for now and I am totally ok with that I know that if it's a boy that is what God knew William needed for a sibling and that is what Matt and I needed for our next kiddo! Once I came to terms I decided ok if its a boy I still have to have a little fun so we came up with an adorable gender reveal to all of our friends and family that centered around William revealing it! I also decided that I have to do a whole new nursery theme with little boy #2 so I can still have fun creating and decorating, because lets face it I'm totally extra and can't do anything simple, hehe. I can't wait to share with all of you the fun nursery I have in mind for Baby Shepherd.

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