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Momming is hard...

Hello all and sorry that I've been a ghost the past few months (or really what feels more like 8 months)! Ever since I had Shepherd I put myself on autopilot and have just been going through the motions of the day to day. Being a mom to one little boy, running the business, and trying to have some sort of social life was hard but throw a second little guy in the mix and I feel like I'm a mombie half the time. I know, I know it looks like I have all my shit together over here and all but more than half of the time I totally don't! This year I set goals for myself, like spending more time with my husband and boys and being present, not constantly answering texts, calls, or emails on my off time. I think I'm doing better with that but I also feel like I have been putting the business on the "back burner" and not doing everything I need to for all my amazing clients and followers!

This year as most of yall know I have only booked 10 family sessions for the whole year and the only other ones that I am offering are Spring Minis, Mama & Me Minis, and then all of our awesome Christmas Minis! During the summer months I want to offer some kind of in studio minis to beat the heat, I have a few ideas but ultimately I'm going to leave it up to all of you with polls! I have also been asked by several people about offering my Camera 101 Class again but thinking about doing that in the summer months also when NO ONE wants to be out in 110 degree Houston heat.

Lots of new things are in the mix over here at Kat E Creations Studios

so be on the look out for announcements and emails! Hop on over to the website and hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get all the news FIRST. That is also where you will get the first opportunities to sign up for minis!

I hope your 2020 is going fabulous so far!



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